Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely Yes, It’s for everydayuse. If you choose Silver Rhodium you can wear it 24/7. Frequent or continuoususage increases its life.Try to avoid salty water (khara pani)

Black / tarnish? A /You can wear the ring 24/7 water doesn't do any harm (except salty water, swimming pool water) mild soaps and shampoos also don’t make any difference. Perfumes, sanitizers, and sprays should be avoided. The more you wear it the more its life will be

If not wearing it don't forget to put it in a zip lock bag with silica inside to minimize oxidation. (Provided with packaging) Never keep it in the open air. If accidentally oxidation (little dullness) occurs start wearing it again regularly and it will be shiny again as your body oil works as a shield.

We provide a small zip lock bag and silica in our packaging. Whenever you take off your jewelry keep it in that. Or an airtight box. Silica prevents moisture to build up, keeping your Jewelry safe from getting oxidized.

If it’s just the dullness or little oxidation that is happening due to not wearing it you can simply put it on and start wearing your piece of jewelry as much as you can. And it will be shiny again. But if it’s damaged by any external harmful substance like alcohol-based things etc repolishing is required.

Yes, you can. Water, mild soaps and shampoo doesn't do any harm. Avoid under salty water

Yes, we do, shipping charges apply.

We have a proper method and trained staff to guide you with your sizing online. Click Sizing Guide to see the tutorial or WhatsApp our staff they will guide you further.

Through the website, we currently don’t have the option of cash on delivery. you need to pay half advance via bank transfer, easy paisa, or, jazz cash. If you wish to opt for cash on delivery, you can contact us on WhatsApp or Instagram. A representative will guide you further.

It takes 20-22 days to get your order ready. They are completely hand-crafted jewelry and get ready exclusively for our clients Thus take little time. If you have an urgent order, please WhatsApp us at 031-111-86272 (UNASA) or contact us on Instagram.

Care for Pendants and chains. Chains are the thinnest thing in Jewelry. Unasa jewels imports these chains from Dubai they are also 25 sterling silver and come as add and only. It is recommended to remove the chain and pendant both, while bath and using soap or perfumes. Because usually they get dirt easily and becomes fade with fumes of perfumes and sprays we put on our bodies. Therefore, unlike Rings, it is recommended to remove the chain while bathing. Never keep them wet always clean them before storing them.

No, we don’t recommend it for everyday use it can be used as party wear.

Rhodium plated Sterling Silver doesn't tarnish. It's scratch-resistant, keeps its shine, and doesn't corrode or dent. Best of all, it won't leave your hands green after handling it. Clean jewelry with warm water and detergent-free soap. Soak for 10 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. With your fingers gently rub the jewelry and with a soft toothbrush gently scrub the finer areas. (don’t use harsh strokes ) Rinse off all soap with lukewarm water, place the jewelry on a soft towel, and gently pat dry.

We recommend you get your perfect size done from a jewelry shop. If you don’t know your size, please follow the Sizing guide. If you choose your size by yourself there is no exchange of size available thus make sure to choose it correctly. If our representative took out the size and there is a mistake in it you will need to send the ring back to us and we will exchange the size

Sorry, there is no refund or exchange in this case. As they are exclusively made for clients. Please choose wisely all videos and pictures available on our website and Instagram are filter-free and real images. We would love to guide you if you are confused about selecting one for you. Please feel free to contact us.

For any other queries feel free to contact us.