Remember our jewelry is exclusively made for clients thus it is a must that you know your perfect size.

  • The sizes we follow are HK/Asian, which we use here in Pakistan at gold or silver jewelry shop, not those artificial ring ones.
  • USA size is international size. If you know your USA size you can select USA SIZE from the selection bar and mention your size.

We follow two methods for taking out your perfect size for RING.


The most authentic and best way is to get your size done from any jewelry shop. With the help of tools and ask them for either your Asian size or USA size and select that while placing the order.


Get it done by our representatives,

With the help of this method, you can get your size done at home and our trained staff will help you take out your size.

Watch this video and follow the steps.


1. You will need

  • A perfect size Ring
  • An inch tape(one we use in our households)

2. Make sure the ring you have chosen is not shaped or adjustable ring. it should be a perfectly round ring.

3. Place the Ring over an inch of tape in a way that its inner diameter should touch the inch first line.
4. Hold your hands so that the ring touches the inch of tape completely.
5. Take the picture from top and side angles.
6. Send those images to our WhatsApp or Instagram.
7. Our trained staff will take out your size and inform you.
8. Select that size while placing the order.

  • Top angle

  • Side angle left

  • Side angle right


  • Place your any perfect fit bangle or bracelet on the scale
  • Measure inner diameter same as below picture.
  • Compare your size in inches from the give chart and select accordingly. eg : your measurements came 2.25 inch which means your size is 2.4.
  • If you already know your Pakistan bangle size for eg : your size is “ Sawa Do “ check the chart and select 2.4.

Note: If The Bracelts Is Openable Make Sure To Measure Bangle That Fits Your Wrist Perfectly Or Take A Size Down From Your Normal Bangle Size.